Thirty Lessons on Leadership


Lesson #1 – Every day begins with you focusing for 30 minutes on how to improve as a leader.

Lesson #2 – Let everyone know what your weaknesses are and make sure they are aware you are working on improving them 

Lesson #3 – Your primary job is to make sure that everyone on your team is more successful

Lesson #4 — You’re not your staff’s best friend.  That doesn’t mean you don’t support and care about them.  It simply means that you have a role to teach and lead and that requires a certain degree of separation. 

Lesson #5 – If it’s not a personnel issue and it’s not explicitly forbidden, share the information with your team.

Lesson #6 – Establish SMART goals for all of your organization.

Lesson #7 — Address performance issues quickly and completely.  Without remediation they will not improve and you will simply face a more difficult challenge in the future.

Lesson #8 – A leader makes sure that every member of his/her team has a development plan that is being fully executed.

Lesson #9 – Establish a firm deadline for all tasks.  Stick with the deadline unless it is a matter of life and death.

Lesson #10 – Take responsibility for your teams shortcomings and failures.

Lesson #11 – Micromanaging is the deadliest sin for a manager.

Lesson #12 – Every action a leader takes — in or out of work — shapes his/her team

Lesson #13 – Have at least one passion outside the workplace that you pursue daily.

Lesson #14 – You gain freedom by delivering the numbers.

Lesson #15 – Advocate for your team regardless of the impact to you

Lesson # 16 – Quarterly reviews are mandatory

Lesson #17 – Identify a Leadership Mentor and Learn From Him/Her

Lesson #18 – Your soft skills will dictate your effectiveness as a leader

Lesson #19 – You must continually recognize and reward your team

Lesson #20 – Share meals with your team on a regular basis.

Lesson #21 – A leader must make execution their primary focus

Lesson #22 – Ensure that processes exist for and are used by all key business functions.

Lesson #23 – Enforce the principles of the doctrine of completed staff work.

Lesson #24 – The physical environment in the workplace is critical to your team

Lesson #25 – Encourage failure early and often.

Lesson #26 – A disciplined team will always outperform the competition.

Lesson #27 – You will have more success asking questions than telling people what to do

Lesson #28 – A leader applies different styles depending on the situation he/she is faced with

Lesson #29 – You need to have a set of values that you publicly proclaim live by at all times.

Lesson #30 – Remember to say thank you often.

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