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Monday Morning Motivation – Rest

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Sometimes it helps to get a little dose of encouragement—along with a good cup of coffee!—to start the day. Today we discuss "rest".

Hopefully, the message below will help you get off to a good start for the week. Please feel free to forward the newsletter along to others who you think would benefit from the content.


Sometimes doing nothing is actually the biggest something that we can do

That’s why rest is so important and why I’m writing about it this Monday morning.  Normally, I end with a question, but today I’m going to start with a question:

  • Did you get enough rest over the weekend?

My guess is that that question elicited more than a few snickers and perhaps one or two “Are you nuts?” thoughts.

That is because many of us are wired to always be pushing forward.  To always be striving for more.  To always be looking for what is next.  And, unfortunately, rest is not something that fits the model.

The reality is rest IS necessary and it IS productive.  Any book you pick up that focuses on personal development, from the Bible to the latest NYT best seller is going to include a lesson on balance and the importance of recharging your batteries.  Most of us, however, choose to skip that section as we already understand it.  We then proceed to demonstrate our complete incompetence on the topic by not taking the requisite time off!  I’m also guessing that this last sentence brought out a few giggles and head shakes.

I’m not asking you to go on a year-long sabbatical.  What I am asking you is:

  • Don’t you think you would be a bit more effective AND happy if you planned ahead for some time to rest?

Have a great week



About MMM: Each week I publish “Monday Morning Motivation” in the hopes that one person will find a bit of inspiration and that inspiration will have a positive impact on their life.  My motivation comes from experiences, reading, sermons, and discussions.

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