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Financial Planning

A life of freedom and significance starts with holistic financial planning.

F5 Financial is a fee-only financial planning firm that takes a holistic approach to financial planning, personal goals, and behavioral change. Using our F5 Process, we provide insight and tailored strategies that inspire and equip our clients to enjoy a life of significance and financial freedom.


We have offices in Naperville, IL, McDonough, GA and Venice, FL, and we virtually serve clients nationwide.

F5's Financial Planning Services

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What is a Fee-Only Financial Planner?

As a fee-only financial planner, we charge a flat fee to ensure your financial wellbeing. We receive no compensation from anyone other than the client. This ensures alignment between our recommendations and the client’s best interests.

How F5's Financial Planning is Different

Our Story

Our mission is to ensure that families, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs have a comprehensive financial plan in place to reach their life goals...

What We Do

F5 Financial Planning was established to help individuals discover harmony in the most important aspects of their lives...

The F5 Process

Are you looking for more Financial Freedom
and Personal Significance in your life?

The F5 Process begins with your goals and vision and leads to the execution of your financial plan. Cash flow management, insurance, taxes, work benefits, education planning, and investment management are all integrated into this plan. If you're searching for more Freedom & Significance in your life, click to learn more about the F5 Process. 

Who We Serve

We are a NAPFA approved, fee-only financial planning firm with a focus on serving Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Families. We provide comprehensive planning services and recommend low cost, academically proven, passive investment solutions. We serve a variety of clients throughout Naperville, the Chicago area, the Metro Atlanta area, South Florida, and across the US.



Check out our blog for insight and strategies that inspire and equip you
to enjoy a life of significance and financial freedom. 

infographic how to build generational wealth

How to Build Generational Wealth

Generational wealth guarantees financial wellness for the people that matter to you. In this article, Financial Advisor Josh Duncan discusses how to build generational wealth.

Are you ready to become a self-starter NOW at this exact moment?

Monday Morning Motivation – Self-Starter

Are you ready to become a self-starter NOW at this exact moment?

Stay the course! | F5 Financial helps clients create strong investment strategies.

Stay the Course

Having a plan and sticking to it is the key to being a successful investor.

Where in life do you need to be a bit more responsible?

Monday Morning Motivation – Responsible

Where in life do you need to be a bit more responsible?