F5 Financial is a fee-only wealth management firm with a holistic approach to financial planning, personal goals, and behavioral change. Through our F5 Process, we provide insight and tailored strategies that inspire and equip our clients to enjoy a life of significance and financial freedom.


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The F5 Process

Are you looking for more Financial Freedom
and Personal Significance in your life?

We'd like to introduce you to the F5 Process. We've worked with scores of clients over the years, and we've listened. Each experience has contributed to refining the F5 Process and enhancing our ability to serve you with excellence. If you're searching for more Freedom & Significance in your life, click through to learn more about the F5 Process. 

How We’re Different


Our Story

Our mission is to ensure that families, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs have a comprehensive financial plan in place to reach their life goals...


What We Do

F5 Financial Planning was established to help individuals discover harmony in the most important aspects of their lives...

Who We Serve

We are a NAPFA approved, fee-only financial planning firm with a focus on serving Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Families. We provide comprehensive planning services and recommend low cost, academically proven, passive investment solutions. We serve a variety of clients throughout the Chicago area, Metro Atlanta area, and across the US.

Fiduciary Financial Planning Explained


Each week you’ll receive two sources
of inspiration from our team.

Every Monday we offer you our Monday Morning Motivation, a little dose of encouragement to help you start your week feeling motivated and inspired.  

On Fridays, you’ll receive our Friday Five to share some brief thoughts that will help you transition from the work week to the weekend with some inspiring wisdom about the Five Fs of life.

We consider it a privilege to have you join our community and we’ll always honor our relationship. We look forward to welcoming you to the family!


Check out our blog for insight and strategies that inspire and equip you
to enjoy a life of significance and financial freedom. 

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Risk vs. Volatility – Know the Difference

Last week ended and this week started with extreme market volatility—which is MUCH different from risk. Read on to understand the difference.

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Financial Tips With Josh Duncan (Video) – Saving for Retirement

Here we offer a brief overview of commonly available retirement plans, including key differences between 401(k), IRA, and Roth IRA accounts and a few of the benefits they offer.

Full remodel of a building, before and after

Monday Morning Motivation – Remodel

Are you willing to remodel your life?

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It Is NOT Normal to Be Average!

People like to think of investing in terms of averages. This is simply not reality—and, furthermore, it can be very dangerous to your financial health.

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