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Monday Morning Motivation – Give

When it comes to how you give, is your preference for time, talent, or treasure?

No, Indexing is NOT Going to Destroy the Market!

John Bogle launched the first index fund in 1975 and was greeted with proclamations of “Bogle’s Folly,” and people have continued to throw darts at the concept of index investing. As of yet, they have not been able to “burst the bubble.” Today we discuss the misplaced notion that index investing will somehow result in significant pricing distortions in the marketplace.

Monday Morning Motivation – Mercy

Is it time that you extend mercy to someone, so that you can enjoy the playground of life?

An Alternate Reality You Need to Avoid!

I have a Ph.D. in industrial engineering with an emphasis in optimization theory. I have also put in the time and effort to earn my CFP® credentials. Yet I don’t spend a moment of time messing around with “alternatives.” In my opinion, all the hoopla around alts is merely marketing fluff and an effort to sell product. Disagree? Today’s article explains what the alts are—and shows you the data. You decide!

Monday Morning Motivation – Understand

Are you willing to leave the understanding in God’s hands and focus on living your life in a loving manner?

Taoism and Investing – Something from Nothing

Today’s article taps into the importance of understanding that in investing—as in life—sometimes the best path forward involves NOT moving for some period of time. While the path to success in many areas of life is paved with continual hard work, intense activity, and a day-to-day focus on results, many investors find success by turning that old mode upside down.

Monday Morning Motivation – Living

What does the way you are living your life say about what is in your heart?

Graduate Level Investing – Share Repurchases vs. Dividend Payouts

Today’s post is more of a “graduate level” topic, as it goes a bit deeper into pricing and valuation of stocks. This article compares and contrasts dividend payouts and share repurchases. Read on to understand how to apply this to your investment strategy.

Monday Morning Motivation – Virtue

Have you ever thought about virtue and what your thoughts say about your views on humility?

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