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“Where do you want to go?”

I asked myself this question back in 2011, while I was working for a large fortune 100 company as a senior manager. The division I worked for was sold, necessitating massive upheavals within the corporate structure. It was another big change in a long line of corporate changes, and it was time to get out. So – where did I want to go?

Though my background was in engineering, I had always loved numbers. I had built investment portfolios for my family and friends, all of which were performing well. I also had a passion for helping people.

During that time, I often heard the refrain “I’ll have to work until I die” when talking with colleagues and acquaintances about their financial futures. Even though these comments had a tongue-in-cheek quality, there was always a hint of real despair behind them. Much like I had helped my family and friends with financial planning, I knew I could help them as well.


That’s when I decided to start F5 Financial, a fee-only financial advisory firm that is dedicated to holistic financial planning. I knew that many people would benefit from the systemized, comprehensive approach that I had employed with my own portfolio, so I developed the F5 Financial Health Cycle, which takes a holistic look at a portfolio and ensures each asset works in conjunction with the others to maximize growth.

In my time as a financial advisor, I’ve helped individuals and families across the United States grow their financial assets, particularly in the Naperville, IL region. I am a Certified Financial Planner and hold a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois.

In addition to my love of numbers, I’m an avid fisherman and was a successful competitive fisherman for 15 years. My other hobbies include golf, reading, and spending time with my wife and three children. I'm also deeply committed to my relationship with Jesus Christ, who I accepted as my personal savior in 2015. Since that time, I have dedicated myself to growing in my Christian faith and better understanding how to honor God.


Financial security is not something you can buy off a shelf, and it is not something that manifests on its own. It requires discipline, a deep understanding of stock market behavior, a comprehensive view of the resources in play, and an alignment on goals. Your financial resources need to deliver on your vision of the future. At the beginning of every engagement, I ask my clients the same question I asked myself all those years ago – “where do you want to go?” The question is both literal and metaphorical, but just like it helped me find my freedom and significance, the answer will help you find yours.


I look forward to helping you find your freedom and significance through financial planning.

The F5 Process

Are you looking for more Financial Freedom
and Personal Significance in your life?

We'd like to introduce you to the F5 Process. We've worked with scores of clients over the years, and we've listened. Each experience has contributed to refining the F5 Process and enhancing our ability to serve you with excellence. If you're searching for more Freedom & Significance in your life, click through to learn more about the F5 Process. 


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