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Book Summary – The Gifted Boss

The Gifted Boss

By Dale Dauten


Sometimes the best things come in very small packages.  While Dale Dauten’s The Gifted Boss only contains 113 pages, it’s packed full of wisdom.

The book details a 24 hour visit between the author and “Max” – a happy go-lucky business expert that reveals the secrets to building a workplace that attracts the best and brightest.

As with most good books, the lessons are delivered via numerous stories that illustrate the key points.  Daulton summarizes the key lessons what he refers to as “The Six Realities of Gifted Bosses and Great Employees”:

  1. The “talent-squared” workplace is possible because gifted bosses and great employees want the same thing from a workplace:
  • Freedom from management, mediocrity, and morons.
  • A change.
  • A chance.
  1. Gifted bosses don’t just hire employees, they acquire allies.
  1. Great employees don’t have jobs, they have talents. They enter the job market once (if at all), and thereafter their talents are spotted, courted and won over.
  1. Great bosses and employees often reverse the typical job search: instead of the employee doing the “hunting,” it’s the boss.  The process more resembles a “talent search” than a “job market”.
  1. While many gifted bosses have created such special work environments that they have virtually no turnover, many others embrace substantial turnover and become masters of “the secret skill” of firing.
  1. An alliance between a gifted boss and a great employee is a kinship of talent, often creating a bond that can last a lifetime.

Perhaps what is most interesting about this book is that while it was written in 1999, the lessons that it puts forward have become MORE important and MORE accurate in today’s internet based world.

You would be well served to pick up this gem of a book and spend a couple hours reading it.

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