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GUIDE: How to Build Generational Wealth

infographic how to build generational wealth

Generational wealth guarantees financial wellness for the people that matter to you. In this guide, Financial Advisor Josh Duncan discusses how to build generational wealth.

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My Four Favorite Podcasts

These are the four podcasts that I listen to EVERY week. I would encourage you to take a listen to each of these and see what you think / see what you can learn

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How Families Can Calculate Retirement Income Wants versus Needs

Perhaps the biggest fear of families is how they will “get paid” in retirement. Gone is the regular paycheck and the annual bonuses; and, after years of building a nest egg, the new retiree is faced with the extremely uncomfortable task of tapping in to the hard earned savings.

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Putting the “Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?” Question to Bed

Perhaps one of the most popular questions people like to ask me is: Should I pay off my mortgage? I take folks through the following five questions to help them come to the conclusion that is right for them. A promise for you, if you read through to the end, you are likely going to…

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