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Becoming Comfortable With Money

It has always amazed me how uncomfortable some people are in discussing the topic of money. My guess is that is because of how they were – or were not – exposed to the topic. Growing up I saw my Dad and Mom work hard.

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Why Emotions Cause Investors to Fail

If you have spent any time doing research into investing, you quickly discover that there is a straightforward, well-proven recipe for success: Implement a solid investment strategy built around asset allocation. Make sure the strategy is well defined via an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and have the discipline to maintain and adjust this policy over…

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Cash Out Your Stock Options?

With the stock market reaching new highs on a regular basis, the question of what to do with stock options is weighing heavily on many individual’s minds.  While each individual’s situation is unique, there are some factors that you should consider as you make this decision: What is your plan? Decisions regarding the sale or…

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Inflation vs Volatility

The Fearless Advisor

Stay informed to make informed decisions and discover how market volatility is the real financial challenge. Learn more here.

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