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Book Summary – The Investment Answer

Gordy and Murray walks individuals through the five key decisions that individuals need to make in order to be successful as investors. See how you’re doing…

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Cash Out Your Stock Options?

With the stock market reaching new highs on a regular basis, the question of what to do with stock options is weighing heavily on many individual’s minds.  While each individual’s situation is unique, there are some factors that you should consider as you make this decision: What is your plan? Decisions regarding the sale or…

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Should You Hire a Financial Planner?

If you are like a lot of folks, you would like to work with a financial advisor, but you are concerned about the cost.  Further, you have heard the chatter in the popular press – to maximize your chances of success, keep your investment costs as low as possible.  And that is great advice that…

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Making Sure You Can Collect a Paycheck in Retirement

You’ve spent the last thirty-plus years of your life building a nest egg.  You watched your expenses, saved a fair amount each month, and used a good strategy to build up a 401(k) balance bigger than you would have ever imagined was possible.  As the last person leaves the room from the retirement party, several…

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Retirement! Tax-Deferred vs.Tax-Free

tax-deferred 401(k) retirement account vs. tax-free Roth

Which accounts are better for your retirement? Today, a quick overview of tax-deferred vs. tax-free! Learn about how taxes and contributions work for each.

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Values in Action – Financial Freedom Tips

Living our values in action

Your values and long-term goals drive what you need to succeed. In this 4-minute video, I take a deeper dive into values in action—just in time for your end-of-year reflections.

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Annuities – What You Need To Know (Video)

Video explaining annuities

Here we demystify annuities by explaining the different types of annuities—and their fees—so that you can be an informed consumer as you plan for a successful retirement.

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What is Retirement? That Depends on You.

what is retirement - retired couple enjoys reading with grandchild

My favorite definition of retirement is “voluntarily ending one journey to begin another.” Each of us has our own purpose and dream for retirement. In this video, I help you identify yours.

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