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Monday Morning Motivation – Miracles

Are you taking the time to notice the little miracles around you?

Predicting the Market – The Impact of Elections

Thankfully the annoying political ads are gone for another two years. But what sort of impact will the election results have on our portfolios? The astute reader already knows the answer—do you? Read on for some critical investment guidance.

Monday Morning Motivation – Handle

Which handle are you going to grab hold of when you face your next challenge or crisis?

Investor Education – Volatility Versus Risk

I believe that nearly 100% of your success as an investor is based on your ability to control your emotions and behaviors. Do you truly understand volatility versus risk? Read on for some insights that have the potential to save you from self-destructing your investment portfolio!

F5 Financial Announces the Addition of Josh Duncan

F5 Financial is pleased to announce the addition of Josh Duncan as a financial advisor. Curt Stowers, founder of F5 Financial says, “I have complete confidence that he will excel in supporting the families that work with F5 Financial.” Josh and his wife Tammi reside with their three sons in McDonough, Georgia.

Monday Morning Motivation – Expectations

Are my expectations reasonable and aligned with what is most important in my life?

One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure – Understanding Buyers and Sellers

Despite what the talking heads try to get you to believe, there are NEVER more “buyers than sellers” or more “sellers than buyers” in the market. Each trade MUST have both a buyer and a seller—and both must believe that they are getting a fair deal at the time of the transaction. Efficient markets are real. In contrast, the talking heads’ version is FAR from real!

Monday Morning Motivation – Anxiety

Are you going to let anxiety have control of your mind, or would you prefer to take back control of your feelings?

Prediction Season – Why the Pundits are Clueless

We have started the fourth quarter with a not-so-fun rollercoaster ride of stock prices. This has all of the pundits offering us their “wisdom” on what will happen next. News flash—they are all clueless! Read on to find out what you need to know.


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