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How Are DFA Funds Different From Index Funds?

In this post we go through the differences between conventional investment management, indexing, and Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)’s “dimensional” approach to investing.

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Monday Morning Motivation – Anchor

Are you anchored to and by the right things?

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Quarterly Market Review – Second Quarter 2023

Once per quarter, we roll up our sleeves & take a deeper dive into what’s happened in the stock market—our quarterly market review (April – June 2023).

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Monday Morning Motivation – Zone

Do you think there is much chance of making a significant breakthrough in your life if you spend all of it in your comfort zone?

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Medicare: How Much Will My Healthcare Cost When I’m 65?

It’s important to be aware of how much Medicare is going to cost in retirement. Learn more about how to prepare for these expenses here.

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Monday Morning Motivation – Someday

Why can’t today be someday?

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Are Stocks Risky?

Are stocks risky investments? Short-term fluctuations are normal, but is there a risk of capital loss? Read on to learn more about your nest egg’s security!

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Monday Morning Motivation – Tolerate

What do you deserve and what are you tolerating?

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Money and Spirituality

In my opinion, money is one of God’s greatest gifts. Read on to find out more.

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