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Leadership Lesson 18 – Playing Nice with Others

I have learned a ton of things over my time in the workplace. Perhaps no lesson was more transformational than the importance of “soft skills” versus “hard skills.”

Leadership Lesson 17 – You’re Not Davy Crockett

American folklore loves to celebrate the rugged individual that blazed trails for all to follow. Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, the young Abraham Lincoln. All these big, rugged, self-sufficient men took on the world single handedly and prevailed. Poppycock!

Leadership Lesson 16 – The Feedback Loop

To succeed long-term, you and your team must have alignment of goals and efforts. And the only way to ensure alignment is to review the goals and efforts!

Leadership Lesson 15 – Never Compromise

So you’ve built the best team in the world, given them all of the tools, provided a great environment, and let them know you care. You’re done right? WRONG!

Leadership Lesson 14 – It’s About the Money

The key here is that the statement is “importance of money” and not “importance of more money.” Going back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the 2 base layers include food and home—both of which require money.

Leadership Lesson 13 – Work-Life Balance is Critical

Someday, when you look back at your life, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to think: “Man, I sure wish that I would have spent more time working and less time with my friends, family and passions.”

Leadership Lesson 12 – You Are a Role Model

In spite of what Charles Barkley may claim, leaders are role models. You’re going to be out in front of folks. You’re going to be up on the “big stage.” And people are going to be watching.

Leadership Lesson 11 – It’s Their Job, Not Yours

Why is it that some leaders manage to get a lot more out of their teams AND seem to spend a lot less time in the process? It’s very simple; they understand their role and their team’s role.

Leadership Lesson 10 – Take One For Your Team

Rule #10: Take responsibility for your team’s shortcomings and failures.


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