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Leadership Lesson 28 – It Depends

Leadership requires that you deal with a variety of individuals and a variety of situations. The key to success is recognizing that a single style is not going to work all of the time

Leadership Lesson 27 – Ask, Don’t Tell

While “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” may be more familiar to many of us, “Ask, Don’t Tell” is really where we should be spending our mental energy.

Leadership Lesson 26 – Discipline Redux

The point of this step is to explicitly call out the need for a leader to follow through to completion, and discipline is key to that follow through.

Leadership Lesson 25 – Celebrate Failure

When you give up on perfection and embrace failure, you open the door to success. With each new trial you move a little bit closer to passing through that door.

Leadership Lesson 24 – The Importance of the Physical Environment

A scotoma is a blind spot—something that is there as plain as day for everyone else and yet something that we cannot personally see. We all have them. The key is awareness.

Leadership Lesson 23 – Completed Staff Work

Sometimes you come across a timeless piece of information—something that’s as applicable today as it was the day it was originally published. “The Doctrine of Completed Staff Work” is one of these gems.

Leadership Lesson 22 – Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Many of you are probably familiar with the concept of Ockham’s razor—the simplest, most obvious solution is often the best. And while William of Ockham gave rise to the concept in the 1300’s, its history can be traced back to Aristotle and the Greek philosophers.

Leadership Lesson 21 – Good Intentions

You have no doubt heard that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” There’s probably no better adage available to remember Rule 21—Execution!

Leadership Lesson 20 – Eat!

Is there anyone out there who does not enjoy Thanksgiving dinner? How about the Fourth of July BBQ? Or the office potluck where everyone brings copious amounts of food?


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