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Leadership Lesson 11 – It’s Their Job, Not Yours

Why is it that some leaders manage to get a lot more out of their teams AND seem to spend a lot less time in the process? It’s very simple; they understand their role and their team’s role.

Leadership Lesson 10 – Take One For Your Team

Rule #10: Take responsibility for your team’s shortcomings and failures.

Leadership Lesson 9 – Make the Damn Decision

A leader is expected to lead. That means they make the decisions and move! A well- executed plan will always defeat the perfect plan that is still on the drawing board.

Leadership Lesson 8 – Get THEM Promoted

Now the cynic will read this and think: “Great, this guy’s advocating the Peter Principle.” Hardly, I’m advocating the Curt principle . . .

Leadership Lesson 7 – Dealing With the Problem Children

Many of the leadership lessons are eerily similar to the lessons you learn as a parent. Such is the case when faced with a problem child.

Leadership Lesson 6 – Expectations are Expected

Your team knows that you are the boss. And as the boss they are looking for you to establish the rules. So, do so by letting them know what your expectations of them are. Expectations are a wonderful thing.

Leadership Lesson 5 – Quit Hoarding Information!

We’ve all heard it before: knowledge is power. Unfortunately, too many leaders let their fear of losing control dominate their behaviors and, accordingly, hoard the vast majority of all of the information they obtain.

Leadership Lesson 4 – Get Over Being Their Friend

Leadership is not a popularity contest. It’s about making the tough choices.

Leadership Lesson 3 – It’s Not About You

WIIFM. What’s In It For Me? This one simple question is at the heart of becoming a successful leader.


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